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This content will be for those of you who are dedicated to the truth and want to know more than the average truther.  My knowledge is shared freely in my videos so that you might be able to work through the finer points yourself.  If you would like access to deeper insights on my videos, I will provide a selection of materials for you.  It is unlikely you will find this information anywhere else.  


The Depp vs Heard trial has revealed some fascinating and potentially paradigm-shifting truths about the nature of the world we live in.  The story they tell is paralleled in the movie Dark Shadows, demonstrating just how our life stories are played out in this tarot play realm lifetime after lifetime.  In this companion piece, TrueL0ve explains the finer details in her video, Dark Shadows: Johnny Depp's Life Story using decoding techniques, esoteric knowledge and archetypes of ancient gods.  If you are dedicated to the truth, this is content you will not want to miss.