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Welcome to the TrueL0ve shop!  Purchase a selection of TrueL0ve content and TrueL0ve merchandise.

The collection is always evolving and growing so check back regularly to see what's new.  If you have a request for a certain item, please contact TrueL0ve to let her know.


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New!  Now you can download a selection of TrueL0ve's videos and audio recordings on an individual basis.  Become a member to access original files and additional content and more.  All rates are in Canadian dollars.

For more information on each item, click "Details" button for description and trailer/preview.

First 12 orders of Baby Reindeer get $5 off!
Members receive an additional 20% off

Tee-Spring Items

Share in a piece of our journey through this awakening experience together and take a little TrueL0ve home with you. I designed all the prints myself based off of the insights I've gained over the course of my journey. 

I receive approximately 10-25% of the proceeds so if you prefer to ensure I receive the entirety of your contribution, you can send it directly through paypal.  Thank you for supporting my work.

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