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Romantic Kiss



Life is all about True Love

Thank you for supporting my work as a viewer, commenter, or contributor.  Some of you have been here since the beginning when I posted my first off-camera video in 2017 and been witness to my progress over the years. 


In 2020, after losing my job to Covid, I was able to devote my full attention to truth and making videos.  My focus changed from fear to knowing all is love. 


Discovering the one-story revealed that we are in a tarot play and I found my role in it: to show the story to you. This story is about our awakening to Christ Consciousness through the alchemical marriage by finding True Love.

I did not know in 2017 when I chose the name TrueLove what it would actually represent.  I am here to help you find the path to true love so that you can find your way home.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and for supporting my work.  In return, I have found a way to provide you with additional benefits that will help you on your ascension path.


Bride and Groom in Nature


Why Support TrueL0ve

In supporting my work, you enable the continued delivery of quality truth content in an entertaining and engaging format intended to help us all in our ascension process.  Your contribution helps me to sustain this and every other platform I have built over the past six years and helps it to grow to bigger and better things. 


While I always do my best to continue to provide content on a regular basis, there is no guarantee that I can release certain material by a set schedule.  These videos are made on a divine schedule, by the information I receive and perceive in divine order.  In the interests of keeping this content pure, truth must come first.

Consider the support you provide as a thank you for what you have already received and encouragement to keep it coming.

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As a member, you receive priority viewing of certain videos before they are made public. You have the option of subscribing to my newsletter and are privy to any blog posts or other special releases. 

Devoted Members gain access to exclusive bonus content that may not be released on public platforms. This content usually contains information that unlocks doors to perception in raising the levels in your ascension process, should you be receptive to the messages.


Committed Members receive the occasional special message that is intended only for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. 


As the community grows, so too will the benefits.  


Membership With PayPal

You can now pay for your membership with PayPal through the main portal.  Click on the membership you want and choose between Stripe or Paypal.  If you initially set up your membership through PayPal, you can use the buttons below to continue your membership through automatic payments if you prefer.  Email me with any questions or concerns.

How My Videos Help

TrueL0ve videos have helped many people overcome the fear trap laid by the conspiracy-minded shills and find their path on the middle pillar so that they can exit the reincarnation system. Here's how my videos can help you:

  • unlock doors of perception in the ascension process

  • get out of the fear trap

  • avoid shills and deceptive nonsense

  • keep focused on what matters

  • decode your personal experience

  • decode the story as it unfolds on the world stage

  • learn the story of the stars in plain language

  • get on the middle pillar path

  • know your god story and the role you play in the grand tarot play of life

  • know what you must do to exit the system

  • how to determine where you are in your own journey

  • so much more

Contribution Only

Not ready to become a member, but would like to show your support?  Already a member and would like to send a little extra?  You can send via PaypPal or by Stripe.  

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