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1. What is Is this a dating site? is not a dating site, the use of fairy tale and romantic images is in reference to the one-story of this uni-verse. It is the story of You and I Verse: the separation and reunification of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

2. Who are you and why should I listen to you? I am someone who is sharing what I have discovered about the true nature of our reality and who we really are. There are no required credentials in sharing the truth other than lived experience and inner gnosis. You are not required to listen to anyone or to do anything. You are free to listen or not listen. The one you ought to listen to is you. Your path is your own. Either my content resonates with you as Truth or it does not. If not, perhaps it will later on.

3. How do you know what you know? Inner gnosis, wisdom from experience and a lot of research, study, meditation, self-reflection, experimentation, practise, logic and intuition. My videos document my journey if you are seeking further details.

4. What evidence do you have that what you say is true? It depends on what kind of evidence you are seeking. Practically every video I release contains evidence from external and internal sources. Depending on where you are in your journey, you will be seeking different levels of 'evidence'. There is only you and you are the one who must evolve into Christ Consciousness. You will only know the Truth when you find it within yourself. Until then, there is nothing I or anyone else can show you as 'proof' or 'evidence' of the Truth.

5. Regarding memberships, why are you asking for money, shouldn't Truth be free? The Truth is free and it is available to you within you at all times, but we still gain assistance from the external. The content I provide is mostly available to everyone for free and I have additional, deeper, more esoteric content available for those who resonate with my content because it is not meant for those without eyes to see and ears to hear. The Truth is free but the years of experience, knowledge, wisdom, insights I put into creating my content and running multiple platforms for you to enjoy is effectively my job. There is nothing wrong with asking for payment in exchange for what I do, just as you receive payment for what you do.

6. Doesn't money get in the way of the truth? I used to think that, but, as with most things, that is a limiting belief. I have found a way to provide the truth I need to share to those who know the value of my message free from compromise. Money is a way for you to show support for how my information has helped you and it's a way for me to know who truly values my work so I can continue to invest my attention toward them.

7. If I join as a member, can I cancel any time? Yes.

8. If I cancel my membership before the end of the month, will I lose access immediately? No. If you cancel, you have access until the end of your payment period for that month.

9. How do I upgrade my membership? Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically upgrade with this system, so if you want to upgrade, simply cancel the existing membership and then select the one you want instead.

10. Oops! I bought the wrong membership! If you made a mistake and bought the wrong membership, contact me right away so I can assist you. You must contact me ON THE SAME DAY you chose the wrong membership. This only applies if you want to upgrade your membership. There are no refunds.

11. Can I get a refund? There are no refunds due to the nature of my content.

12. Do you sell our information? No.

13. How do I cancel my membership? To cancel, go to your Profile page when you are logged in, click on Subscriptions and click cancel.

14. How do I become a Free Site Member? Click on 'Log In' at the top right-hand corner of the menu and create an account. This will give you limited access to my membership site, the app, subscription to the newsletter and a selection of member-only videos.

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