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Reading a Newspaper





Most truth channels tell you about fake news, Trump tells you about fake news, but what does that actually mean and why are they putting out fake news?

The news media tells you stories on many levels so you can interpret the meaning depending on which level of truth you are on.  If you are asleep, you will simply take in the obvious narrative as presented to you without question.  When you see the news is fake, you might completely disregard the story altogether or start to ask questions as to why.

As you dig further into it, you might discover there's a hidden agenda: gun control, LGBTQRST..., racism, division, vaccines, satanic agendas, you name it.

Beyond this you will find out about crisis actors and how many of your favourite historical events are all fake. Many truthers cling to some events of the past as if they are real, but they are not; they are merely Hollywood movies.

At another level you will discover freemasonic codes like 33 or Orange or purple, the infamous 666 and mostly what you will get from channels pointing this out is simply: "that's how you know the story is fake", but there is much more to it than that. Did you ever ask yourself, "What do these codes mean?"

If you have gone through all these phases then you have likely come across channels like mine that dive deeper into the hidden messages embedded in these news stories. They will tell you, sometime blatantly, what is coming and if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you will be able to read the codes.

I started reading the codes in spring 2020 when CV hit and started my decoding video series on the subject. There are other channels that decode, but I have yet to see any that are able to break down stories with such depth, detail and insight as I can simply because I have a broader view of the truth.  These other channels may help with one or more aspects, but some are also planted to mislead or are they themselves misled, so be careful.  

After CV, I moved on to decoding news stories. Some of these stories overlap into CV territory as it is part of the bigger story that is going on. As I decoded these news stories, such as the Snowbirds Crash and Beruit Bombing, I realized they were all about the LEAVENING. That is really what is going on here.  Everything is about the leavening/harvest/cleansing/ascension. 


This is the spiritual side of the change we are experiencing and the physical side is the wealth transfer. For more information on that, please see my articles on crypto and sports decoding, some of which are in the series of videos below: