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If you are new to the truth, then you likely have no idea about codes, or perhaps you were introduced to it through gematria in the crypto and rigged sports communities. Either way, unless you know that the news is fake and riddled with codes, this article will be confounding to you.  If this is where you are, you may want to return to this article when you see the codes as it is only for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

There are many elements that go into cracking the code of this reality.  Many misleading channels will have you believe there is only one.  In order to fully see and hear the messages being sent by the system, you need to know all of them.

Everything roots back to the zodiac, remember this and you cannot go wrong.  This is a Tarot play; life on earth/theatre is acted out by the stars. All the world events you see on the news are fake/staged/a play put on for you to choose to participate or not. You participate by getting emotionally involved, by believing it's real. Regardless of whether you choose to oppose or support, if you engage, you are participating and you make it real.  You must see beyond this illusion.

All words, numbers, frequency, colours, symbols, music stem from the zodiac. If you are not aware of this yet, then I suggest you start by watching Santos Bonacci's syncretism videos or study the Kabbalah to see how each letter holds meaning and has a numerical value. This is true for all languages, but it is best to start by examining Hebrew and Greek alphabets.

hebrew numerology.gif

Knowing the meaning behind each letter helps you understand how words are formed and how gematria has meaning.

Gematria has many different cyphers. Many misleading channels will use bogus cyphers such as "satanic" to scare you.  The most reliable are, in my opinion, Jewish, English Ordinal, Primes, Chaldean.  Misleading channels will have you believe you can mix and match the cyphers, but you cannot. A word or phrase in English Ordinal with a value of 164 is not the same as one with the same number in Jewish simply because the numbers are not the same.

This is all about FREQUENCY. As a word is spoken, you emit a frequency that vibrates the aether. This frequency is what matters.  

A word with the same sound emits the same vibration: PAIR = PEAR, STAIR = STARE therefore certain parallels between their meanings can be drawn. 

Words are composed of letters, each with their own meaning, grouped into smaller words/root words and prefixes or suffixes are added or they are combined with other root words, sometimes creating compound words using two or more full words. When breaking the codes you can examine a word at any/all of these levels so it can get very intricate.

LIGHT= L is 'el' for saturn/electricity, i is eye, g is generative power, h is breath, t is a percussive sound that allows light to become manifest.  

Transform Light into NIGHT, N is negation therefore night is the negation of light. Night is also NYX or NUT, NUIT, NOT or NO-THING. NIGHT is NYX, the etymology of which is MUSE or MUSIC. The MUSIC of the NIGHT as in the Phantom of the Opera. The invisible energy behind this soap opera called life: SOURCE.  This is how you crack the code.

Etymology is the original meaning of words as derived from the root. You may think you know the meaning of a word, but never take it for granted as words (especially English) have multiple meanings and meanings have been twisted over time. Check here for etymology: Online Etymology Dictionary | Origin, history and meaning of English words (

The Bible is also a good reference for the meaning of words if you look at the INTERLINEAR meaning of a word in For example, this link shows the meaning of 'Heaven' in Hebrew Strong's Hebrew: 8064. שָׁמַ֫יִם (shamayim) -- heaven, sky (   The Bible shows the origin of words as it was written in Hebrew and Greek.

Numerology is a bit different from Gematria in that it is about the numbers themselves.  I made a great video on numbers and the mirror, posted at the end of this article.  What meaning do the numbers hold?  Each number is the negation of the previous number. Always start with zero. 

0 zero/naught/not: is no-thing, source, love, OFF

1 one: is not no-thing, which is something, everything, it is the origin of the material world, ON

2 two: is not one; it is divided/split/dual/twin/pair

3 three: not paired; it is the child, the triptych, the holy trinity


There are certain letters that sound similar and are also interchangeable.  All vowels are interchangeable so a word like MAD = MUD = MID = MOD = MYD = MED. Certain consonants have a similar sound and are also interchangeable.

R = L

M = N

B = V

J = Y = I

W = U = V

G = J

K = C = X = Q

S = F = PH = TH

As you will notice, these letters start to break down into merely a handful of sounds. There are 4 elements formed from Aether: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and everything is formed from these elements. Ultimately everything roots back to zero, its origin. 

Everything is also symbolism.  You can look at an M and see it is the inverse of W and double-u is double- you, the twin/two, split you, the M/W is the MOM/WOW, the sine wave which is the nature of this reality.  See how letters tell you their meaning?

There is a great deal to learn with cracking the code so if you are just starting out, I suggest you learn:

  1. Watch news breakdowns by truthers who show the codes​

  2. Syncretism from Santos Bonacci

  3. How words stem from zodiac

  4. Alchemy & Astrology

  5. Numerology

  6. Gematria

  7. Tarot connection to zodiac from Lord Osiron

  8. Kabbalah & Hebrew alphabet

  9. Greek alphabet

  10. Etymology

When you are cracking codes, you need to have an overall knowledge of the above subjects or you will only have part of the picture.

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