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The inner work is about becoming whole/holy.  In life we follow the yellow brick road to the emerald city.  The yellow brick road is the authenticity path, au, gold; the path of the sun.  The emerald city is green heart, the truth. When you become the anointed one/christed, your pineal is crystallized and becomes the emerald city. You must have the courage to face your fears and join heart with mind: the Lion, Tin Man, and the Scarecrow.

|Dorothy and her three friends were on the search for the part of them that was missing, only to find they had it within them all along.  You are Dorothy.

This is the process of turning lead into gold, water into wine, the alchemical marriage of merging heaven and earth.  You must fully accept and appreciate all of you as it is in your wholeness.  This means accepting the good and the bad not just of you but of this realm as you and the universe are one. 

Know that whatever you see outside yourself is merely a reflection of what is within you: what you are, what you lack, what you want, what you don’t want.  It is all you.  Accept and appreciate all of it no matter what. This is the state of unconditional love.  This is true love.  True love comes from within, not from outside yourself. 

|Love is not something you get from someone else, it is who you are and you project it outward unconditionally.

This process means looking within you, healing your wounds, forgiving yourself and others for their inflictions and loving yourself.  

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