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There is what is and our perception of it. The truth is within you.  When you hear the truth, it rings like a bell.  Sometimes, we cannot hear it, or we do not want to.  This is why it is important to clear your mind of lies you tell yourself through belief systems, opinions, programming etc..  If you cling to beliefs etc., it will prevent you from seeing the truth as it acts like a filter.  We are merely re-membering who we really are; putting together the fragmented pieces of self/god.

You cannot receive the truth unless you are prepared for it.  I know this from not just doing the work on myself, but from observing others and examining what prevents them from seeing aspects of truth.


Everything we were told was a lie.

Shatter all the lies and start from zero.  Rebuild on a solid foundation of truth and discard the rest.  There is truth here.


Ask the right questions

Do you want the truth or do you want to be right?  Do you want the truth or do you want to blame others for the wrongs of the world? Ask the right questions and be prepared to accept the answer.


They pervert the truth

What we perceive as bad is exactly where we must look. The ‘controllers’ put truth in plain sight, protected with the lie that it is evil or the devil’s work. Truth is a right of passage and requires bravery, if you are afraid of it, you cannot receive it.


No attachments

Release beliefs, opinions, anything you hold precious in order to receive the truth.


Avoid Distractions

The physical world is full of distractions to keep you from going within.  Avoid shill channels, diversions and consuming truth as entertainment if you want real truth.

Inner Work

Clear all blocks to the truth; namely your ego. Your ego creates resistance to accepting what is. Your beliefs, opinions, wounds, anything you identify with as being who you think you are, must go. The goal is to become whole/holy so you have no fear, no attachments and cannot be shaken.

You may not be ready to receive these truths. You may be in denial and refuse to look at it; that is okay. Your mind and body cannot handle the truth all at once, which is why it is necessary to take it in stages. The truth will only come to you when you are ready. This is why when you show someone the truth, if they are not ready, they will not see it. This does not mean that it is not true. It is your job to discern the truth from lies.

It is also important to understand that there are levels or layers to the truth.  The further down the rabbit hole you go, the more of these layers you peel back.  There is truth at every layer, but as you progress you will notice how certain people only have scratched the surface. Depending on what level you are at, you will only have access to so much truth.  I can present the truth to you and yet if you have not done the work, you will not see it.

Take the time to care for yourself.  When you are new to the truth, uncovering new truths becomes addictive but it is also traumatizing.  Your psyche can only handle so much.  You need to take the time to process and heal.  Sometimes the pain of the cognitive dissonance while you process the new information is so intense, you are in physical agony.  Be kind to yourself as you go through this. I have created this space for you to talk with others and to help guide you through this trauma as you go through it.

For those of you who are new to the truth, here is a quick rundown of where to look so you by-pass the distractions:


All is Mind. 

Everything is a mind-creation.  This is a co-creative reality inside the mind creation of the 'demiurge'. Thoughts become things.  Learn to control your mind or others will control it for you.


Single Digit Code

Numbers are living entities, not just numbers.  The entirety of the universe is music and numbers.  The only numbers that exist are 0-9 and yet simultaneously all is zero/source.  Numerology and gematria are connected, but do not give the whole story.


Codes & Symbolism

Symbols rule the world.  Everything stems from the zodiac/torus.  All letters, all symbols, all numbers are created out of the torus/zodiac and this is how to read the codes.  Everything is communicating with you about you.


Syncretism & Astrotheology

All is atum, everything roots back to the sun and the zodiac.  All myths, all religions, all fairy tales, are all allegories of the zodiac and the story of the sun.  The story of the sun is the story of you.


Energy, Frequency, Vibration

all is energy, nothing is solid.  It is a mind-projection. Vortex math helps to explain how the matrix grid works


Rainbow Realm

We are the white light trapped in a prism/prison/cell in the land of Oz, the 7 colours of the rainbow/chakras/planets that create this place. We live inside a torus field of sound, a sonoluminescent realm where thoughts become things on this physical plane of inertia.

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