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Truth Source Assessment

Stuck in a rabbit hole and unsure which way to turn? Let me help you.

  • 45 minutes
  • 20 Canadian dollars
  • Online email

Service Description

Receive a more in-depth review on a channel, video, website or source you suspect may be deceiving you (roughly a paragraph). Save yourself hours/weeks/months of work and headaches. Limit of one source per session. Please provide a link to the source and clearly state what it is you want confirmation on: the source itself, the information, etc. Kindly choose an allotted time you prefer to receive the review depending on the urgency of your request. Please allow for 24hours to have your request fulfilled. This service is ideal for those who have doubts on certain sources and are seeking a more in-depth assessment. Should you require a simple yes or no, the Quick Truth Assessment may be all you need. *note: My assessments are based on my experience and in knowing truth. I will tell you if I believe the person to be a shill or not and I will tell you if the information they share is legitimate or not. I will also share with you how I know this to be true. Please watch my shill detecting video to learn how to do it for yourself. Bear in mind some of these indicators change over time (such as subscriber count) as more people awaken to truth. Always use your own discernment and do your own research.

Contact Details

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