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To Vax or Not To Vax

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Let me start by saying that only you know where you are on your journey, so ultimately, in the eyes of Source there is no wrong choice. What I am addressing here is the best path for those who are on the path of wholeness.

There are two fundamental things you must know about this place:

  1. The fear is fake. Remember this! The FEAR IS FAKE! There is always a way around it. This system is run on consent. If you do not give your consent then the system will present options for you.

  2. This is a metaphysical realm, not a physical world and your job here is to detach from the physical.

Right now, various governments around the world are introducing the vaccine passport, which is to ensure that anyone sitting on the fence will get off and get jabbed. If you are reading this and you plan on taking the jab for any reason, you must do what’s right for you, but you must know that you do not grasp the significance of what is going on here.

Surely you know by now that the beer flu is fake, so why are you taking a vaccine for a fake flu? The only answer to that is ‘to make my life easier’. Some will argue that they don’t have any fear over taking the jab so it doesn’t really matter, that nothing we do in the physical matters; it’s merely two halves of the same thing. This is nihilistic thinking and not the right path if you are looking to ascend.

You cannot assume that you can do whatever you please and still rise up; that’s not why we are here.

This isn’t to say that you need to be a saint, but you do need to be holy/whole, which means to live in integrity, to live from heart. If you are living from heart then you know that imposing these restrictions on people, forcing a vaccine and threatening them with consequences is wrong so you cannot go along with it. Going along with it is giving it your consent. Setting aside the speculation over what the vax could do physically, taking the jab is an indicator that you are not willing to die to the physical; you chose to have an easy physical life over living in Truth. Protesting is also giving it your consent as you are feeding it energy from the opposing side.

The true option is to ignore all of it, continue living life as normal knowing none of it applies to you.

By taking the jab you are consenting to doing whatever it is the authorities tell you to do even though you know it is not right. This is much like some who continue to wear a mask even though they oppose it. It is like a unionized worker crossing the picket line to work because he needs money. It’s different if you cross the picket line because you disagree with why you’re on strike in the first place, but then you should never have gone on strike.

There are many people who are caught in the fear trap of vax side-effects or having freedom taken from them, understandably so. If that’s the case, then what are you going to do about it? The answer is simple: find the loopholes. Many people will cave simply because they won’t bother to find the loopholes.

Stop looking at the physical as physical and look at it correctly: metaphysical.

It’s only natural to be fearful at some point of the unknown especially when it threatens your physical experience: home, livelihood, physical body, family, relationships, career, etc., but what we are experiencing here is bigger than all of that. Everything is changing so embrace the change and it will be easier for you.

The change is happening no matter what. Your participation in the show is relevant, but you cannot stop the change nor can you go back to the past.

If you are of the mindset that we are ruled by evil elite who control everything and we must stop them from imposing transhumanism and NWO then you need to know that the so-called evil elite are an illusion to keep you from the truth. The system exists to keep the ignorant masses away from the truth and simultaneously to provoke us to awaken to the falseness of this world so we seek the truth. The reason it is done this way is so that only those with the courage to walk the path will find it. If you take the vax, you have proven that you do not have that courage.

CV is fake. Remember that.

So if CV is fake, then the controllers know it’s fake and the joke is on us. They are playing a game with us and most people are losing. The fact that it is fake means that there are loopholes available to anyone who knows it is fake. This isn’t to say that you will have access to everything simply because you know it’s fake because many businesses and people think CV is real and they enforce the dumb rules, but you can find a work-around.

The purpose of CV on a physical plane is to create a massive distraction while they simultaneously bring down the existing system in order to put a new one in place. It’s a massive undertaking and it must be done. The old system must go, but most people who are fighting these restrictions are begging the controllers for their ‘freedoms’ and their ‘rights’ without realizing that these rights/freedoms are limitations.

TAKE YOUR FREEDOM, no one can give it to you!

The bottom line is that if you are a truther, then your job is to raise your vibration, detach from the physical, do not consent to any of this, live life as normally as possible, live according to your inner compass and walk calmly through the storm.

This is a test is to see who is awake, who is courageous, who is autonomous, who is able to see through the veil/evil. The only wrong choice is the one that goes against the core of who you are. If you can live with your choice then you made the right one, but you must live with the consequences either way. Do whatever you feel is right for you, but know that your decisions matter so which path are you going to choose? Choose wisely.

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