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Putting the Pieces Together

Over the past few months I have cut together several videos that explain exactly where we live and who we are and our purpose here. Some were in the form of allegory as that is the best way to communicate the whole story although for most, they require interpreting, so here is a bit more of an explanation to help you along your journey.


This was the first video I did demonstrating what iXXi means. iXXi is 9/11 in Roman Numerals. It is the fabric of this reality, the diamond pattern.

It is the mind's eye XX between the two outer eyes ii. The outer eyes are the twin pillars. They also represent the sun and moon reflecting Venus' light off the mirror of Mercury in the mind's eye and inverting it into a mind projection onto the earth theatre like a camera.

I fully explained what it is in the Venus video. The XX is the pineal gland, the third eye, X'd out, double-crossed. When the third eye is open, we unite heaven (mind) and earth (heart) and see the duality for the theatre/fakery it is. It then becomes X as the two XXs merge into one.

X is then the double V, not the double W. You are no longer living in a divided state of the inversion/version of MOMWOW, you are united with your higher self and living in X or VV. This is the new world.

The Story of Your Life

This video shows the story of your life: you are here in a fragmented mind mirror maze; a dream within a dream, trying to remember who you really are. You must break the mirror in order to leave, uniting the opposites in the alchemical marriage allowing you to live happily ever after as you are now free of the duality system. This is the only story; this is your story. Every story ever told is this story and hence, every video I have put out on this subject is this very same story.

The Final Countdown

This song is about the end of the world; the end of the duality system, returning home to Venus and leaving Earth behind. In this video I show the contrast of the controlled opposition put out by the controllers regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic and how it is the catalyst for what they call The Great Reset as it is the physical representation of the new world/whole new game coming into place once we shift into Christ Consciousness. Not everyone will shift so there will be some people left behind. At the end of the video I demonstrate that this transition is about leaving behind this duality mindset, taking control of one's own life and discovering the magic and wonder in the truth of who we are. The end of this game is a celebration as we merge the opposites in an alchemical marriage and the Tarot card play is complete.

Venus: The Fool's Journey Home

Home is Venus; home is where the heart is. Venus backwards is SUNEVE or SUN MOON, the unity of the duality, the light within us that was fragmented into the polarities of the sun and moon; the white light and dark moon with the seven colours fragmented in between. The people we perceive to be 'controllers', the 'evil elite' are actually from Venus and trying to help us by telling us the truth but we lied to ourselves. No one else lied to us, we lied to ourselves! Our ego prevents us from seeing the truth and we believed this physical reality was all there is. Once you know this, you are free of the fear of the duality Tarot Play.

Separate Ways: The Mind Labyrinth

This video is entirely allegorical yet the lyrics are quite plain. This video is a demonstration of the mind labyrinth we created for ourselves without the red/blue of the physical illusion. See how silly it looks for us to be writhing in agony on our separate plane of existence over something we imagined in our minds? We are desperately trying to find our other half; the yin to our yang and yet our mental mind games keep us separated in our suffering we refuse to let go of. We are caught in a staircase of emotional ups and downs in a prison of our own making, crying out for freedom, for relief from suffering, for love and all the while our higher self is reaching for us wherever we are because true love will never leave us. Watch closely, listen to or read the lyrics. The song is telling you this in plain language, you just weren't hearing it.

9/11 Emergency: Our Trauma Center

This video explains the alchemical process we need to complete in order to become holy/whole. Each of our chakras is a trauma centre that is attacked by the outside world in order for us to learn the necessary lessons required to heal them. If we do not learn when the lesson is small, it will get bigger and bigger until we pay attention and address it. 9/11, as I mentioned earlier is iXXi, it is also Christ. We call 9/11 when we are in a state of emergency. Emergency is emerge and see. Traumatic events occur to jolt you into a reaction to deal with your healing. Once you heal, you can change your water into wine. This is the leavening process. We are going through this process now with the pandemic. The 'controllers' are putting the pressure on us to heal quickly and if we do not, then we will fail and return another time. Some say they are trying to stop us from ascending, but it is the opposite: they are putting the pressure on to help us ascend at the last minute because many failed to do the work beforehand. If you did the work, the process will be less painful because you know truth, you know it's a fake duality play and you have healed. The two serpents of the caduceus are representing the two energies of the duality and uniting them raises your Christos Oil/energy so you become Anointed as King in Christ Consciousness and get your wings. This is the process of becoming whole/holy; the ouroboros completes the circle. Listen to the lyrics; they tell you the truth. What you think is 'out there' causing you trauma is actually your own thoughts/ego chasing you, challenging you in your own path to healing.

Life is A Fairy Tale

It's ironic how hard it is for us to accept that this world is all love and that life is a fairy tale. We seem to want to hold onto our suffering; want to blame someone outside ourselves for everything that happens to us. Tell us this realm is all about love and we point to the evil; we refuse to take responsibility for our own experiences. We all go through this. Once we realize the duality is merely two expressions of one thing and we can choose to see that one thing instead of the expression of it; the evil we perceived goes away. Instead of seeing things as good or bad, they become merely an event or an experience. If you can change your perception of a bad event into something good then it cannot be bad, can it? If you were to eliminate all the evil in the world, where would you start, where would it end? It is impossible. The only way is to neutralize it by seeing it as love. You cannot start with this because you will feel like you're lying to yourself, you must SEE it and KNOW it first and then the power of the duality play disappears.

In this video, I demonstrate through allegory of the fairy tale our story once again. We enter into the world of the physical, dazzled by its beauty then take bite of it and the physicality is solidified as real in our minds and so we forget ourselves. The journey is to find our true love. The character of Jane in this story is the white light, Snow White projected into this fantasy world where she is distracted by the Knight who is lower mind in red. He represents the temptations of the physical world but offers no substance and no real love for he doesn't know what that is; he is a philanderer. Jane recognizes the Prince in black (role reversal here as the feminine is the dark and masculine is the white) as the one, but is afraid she is not worthy and so allows these distractions to lure her away and creates an antagonist in the Duchess to prove this is true. The Duchess takes her into a dream world trying to trap Jane there so she can have the Prince to herself. In the dream, Jane is led into a dance with the Knight, on an endless reincarnation loop until she awakens to the truth. The Prince, too is distracted by material indulgences. When they awaken, the Duchess is gone and their memories start to return. Lured in by the Knight and the false memories of their encounter, Jane is tempted to return to the Knight until she remembers that the Prince is her one True Love and they are united by marriage. This represents the alchemical marriage of black and white. And they all dance and laugh at the end because they know it was all just a dream and they lived happily ever after.

Duality Play: Are You Still Playing?

Now that you have hopefully gone through all the above videos, you should fully understand what I'm about to show you in this video because it ties them all together. Through allegory, you get to see precisely where you are in your interpretation of this realm. If you did not 'get it' then you know you have some work to do in terms of applying truth to your daily life. You have to have the breakthroughs yourself to see it. I didn't share these videos just for entertainment; it's necessary that you can see the truth in the allegory. Even if you did get it, I suggest you watch - no, study - these videos over and over because there are details within them that you will have missed, which will unlock more truth for you. I watch these videos over 100 times and still find new things in them.

Most people have trouble leaving behind the suffering of the duality realm. Odd, isn't it? Not one person has ever had a problem with the good things here, it is always the bad. They refuse to accept that the suffering is of their own making and that they can leave it behind if they so choose. I get it, I've been through it myself. The bad stuff is only bad because we make it so. Paraphrasing Shakespeare (who never existed, by the way). This is the Tarot Play, Earth is a theatre on which this play is set and you are the star, literally. You came from the stars as the stars created your character from the pattern in the sky and have an effect on your life as you venture through it on your fool's journey to finding true love. Everything put on by the puppets is a show, it is fake and you choose to react to it or act it out in your own life as if it was real. Once you know it is all a show, all fake, you can detach yourself from it and life is much easier. Personal relationships are merely reflections of what is within so you do not have to engage in those either. Suffer if you choose, laugh if you want to; that is what the tarot play is for; to experience life in its infinite possibilities as a living physical being, so enjoy your emotions, but then heal them and move on, forever focused on your goal toward true love.

Superhero: Awaken the God Within

Again, this is another allegorical tale of the story of you. Every story is about your awakening. The story told here is from the perspective of Diana, Wonder Woman who is at odds with Aries, God of War. Her land was protected from the outside world by Zeus, much like our world is protected by a sound bubble/dome so we don't contaminate it with our negative purging. The idea that we are waiting for a superhero or god to save us from this horrible place is prevalent in society, which is what leads to apathy, outrage, frustration, anger and violence expressed by the villains. Really, the villain is the dark side of the superhero, which is why they are pitted against one another.

As this video unfolds, you will notice the remarkable similarities between each movie: falling girl rescued by the male superhero. Perhaps you will wonder why that is. I will let you figure that out. The story ends with Superman dead and the call for ordinary people to awaken the god within them, to fight for what is right and just, but also to always go back for the girl because, as I have said before, this realm is all about true love. There is much to see in this video, so I suggest paying close attention to detail, subtext and allegory.

The Leavening

What exactly is the leavening? It is the pressure/agent applied to induce fermentation. What ferments? Bread and wine. The Bible mentions leavening many times and the story of Exodus mentions that the slaves fled Egypt without waiting for their bread to rise: they didn't transmute their negative experiences therefore they carried them with them to the new land. This is why Moses, who led them from Egypt to Mount Sinai was angry with them when he returned from speaking with God at the burning bush to find them worshipping a golden calf: the old mind of the old world. They were not ready to be set free, which was why the Pharaoh (enlightened ruler) refused to set them free and why YHWH unleashed plagues on Egypt. The plagues represent the shadows the slaves haven't transmuted/healed. The wedding at Cana in the Bible is another example of leavening. We must turn our water (the emotions of the lower chakras) into wine and present the wine to the head of the banquet, the pilot/crown chakra in order to heal/become holy/whole. By healing we open our heart and connect heart with mind and speak from God to create from a new mind.

Phoenix Rising

This video explains the meaning behind Delta, Phoenix and Pyramid as they are interconnected and all have to do with ascension. Everything has to do with your ascension. There is no other story. Through delta meditation, you unlock the heart frequency 432 to connect the opposites, which affects change, connects heart and mind, opens the vault where your gold is stored in the fornix, you shine with love and speak from god to right the wrongs of the world and change the script.

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