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Planet X: The Real New World

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

We are moving to a new world, many are afraid, but the truth is we are moving to X or Neb Heru, a world without borders, without conflict; a world of love.

It isn’t a planet; it is a state of being, Christ consciousness.

The new mind is heart-based. We will know that we are individual and connected. We will know and feel our connection. We will release our hold on the separateness and the division that has caused so much suffering. This is not to say that we will not disagree from time to time; disagreement is important in sharing our unique points of view, which causes us to grow, but it won’t be antagonistic or stem from ego.

The ego will dissolve. We will know that we are not the physical. We will detach from the physical, enjoy it for its purpose and let it go. The physical is here as a reflection of what is within and we know all is not as it appears to be. Once we have fully realized the true nature of this reality, we will be able to play with it and expand on it and so we will manifest beautiful, magical things we have not seen or done before.

No more wars. Without the ego, wars, conflict, materialism, capitalism will vanish because we will have no need for it anymore. The only reason these things exist is because we believe the physical is all there is; we live in lack mentality. When you are attached to the physical and someone threatens to take it from you, the ego fights to protect it. Without the ego, there is no longer a fight.

Money will lose value. Capitalism is crumbling because it is the root of selfishness, greed, crime and a cut-throat intense focus on making money at the expense of everything else. Money is your god. When you realize that ‘money’ in any form is an illusion and holds no real intrinsic value, it is nothing more than a number in your bank account used to play this game. It is going to be hard for Westerners to let go of this idea because they simply cannot conceive of any other way to live. Westerners have been brainwashed into believing that they must ‘work for a living’ and they have a sense of pride in being a ‘taxpayer’ and any other way of life that is not based on capitalism or democracy is evil.

Eventually there will be no money; we simply won’t need it anymore, but this is unlikely to happen in our lifetime.

Creativity will thrive. Life will be focused around leisure, beauty, creativity and growth. Instead of growing our material wealth, we will be focused on expanding our knowledge of truth, our spiritual side, our ability to manifest, our creativity, our innate abilities we have long forgotten.

How does this way of life fit with the new world order?

There may be a split coming in which we separate into two worlds. It may be permanent, it may be temporary, but this is not to say there will be a whole new physical world, no. They will co-exist here on different frequency planes. Much like when you are living in a higher frequency you will not encounter someone who is on a lower frequency yet you both coexist on the same physical plane.

Even now, there is this alleged pandemic and yet many of you are barely aware of it, barely affected by it because you choose to focus your attention elsewhere. At the same time, in the same place, there are many who are adversely affected by it, may even believe they have Covid, they are terrified and follow every protocol, preaching for others to also. It is unlikely the two people will be friends.

Right now people are leaving or losing their jobs in droves. They are fed up with the way life used to be because during the lockdown, they found other activities to occupy their time, they rediscovered their families, nature, fun, play, creativity. Our priorities are changing even for those who are stuck in the physical.

These people are starting to build connections outside the mainstream system. They are supporting others who are against the restrictions yet simultaneously fighting the change in a desperate attempt to cling to fragments of the old world. Eventually, they will simply let go.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain is going to help facilitate the shift to the new world.

XRP is the foundation for the new world as everything will run off the blockchain. For some, crypto and blockchain will bring greater freedom and autonomy, for others they will be enslaved to the system because they still have changes to make. They won’t even know they are enslaved, much like we didn’t know until we woke up to see our shackles.

The new world is symbolized by the letter X, the VV or 4x4. The codes in the symbols for XRP have revealed this: Ripple is the ripple effect that creates the new world; XP is the chi rho the symbol for the head in heaven the body or cube in the physical; the joining of heaven and earth; and XRP is the phoenix rising from the ashes.

X is the merging of heaven and earth; the unity of the opposites through love. The iXXi becomes X as the I’s are united. It is the VV the VAV the unity of male and female symbolized by two Deltas of the iXXi forming the X, the merging of opposites, the merging of the XX to the VV creating the star of Sol-o-mon sun and moon.

In crypto, a coin is identified with the letter X as being issued by no country. We are moving to a new world that will have no countries, no borders. Many new agers have said there will be a new planet called Nibiru or Planet X coming; but this has been disproven as there is no physical planet coming. Nibiru is Neb Heru, which is House of Horus or Hathor/Venus. (see link here)

In my video Individual, I showed how the word individual contains this hidden code within it. It contains the star of David in the centre of in-divid-ual, which is the star of Sol-o-man. Many like to point out that individual contains the word ‘divide’ in the middle, which it does, but it also contains so much more and must not be reduced to a single interpretation, for in-dividing-you-all, we become united.

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