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Law of Attraction For Beginners

You know all is mind and thoughts become things. You know law of attraction is real and spellcasting is real, but you don't know where to begin when it comes to manifesting or creating your own reality. This is the article for you.

Law of attraction happens whether you know it or believe in it or not; it is a fundamental law of the universe. What we want to achieve is control over our own mind so others do not control it for us.

Before you get into manifesting anything, be sure you have cleared your mind of fear and limiting beliefs. This is the inner work. At the very least, be aware of what your beliefs are. If you believe that LOA is evil and of the devil then you will not manifest what you want, you will manifest evil experiences.

We do not attract what we desire, we attract what we are.

LOA requires that you work on yourself because you attract what you are. If you are lacking in self-awareness or fail to do the inner work (see inner work sections on this site) then your manifestations will not materialize as desired.

This is not about attracting material objects or money, it is about understanding the balance between what is within with what is without. Your job is to harmonize the two so that manifestation comes easily and lightly and you recognize how it reflects what is within so you can easily change gears to steer yourself in the direction you prefer.

Once you reach the place where you need nothing; everything comes to you with ease.

To start, work on manifesting something that brings you joy and to which you have no attachments, meaning it wouldn't matter to you if you attracted it or not. When you are attached to something or desperately want it, the universe hears that you do not have it and therefore you will continue to see that you do not have what you want. Want implies lack. You must feel that you already have that which you desire, because you do.

You already have everything you could ever want because you are the universe.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to manifesting:

  1. Choose something you desire to have in your physical experience.

  2. Get specific about the item, visualize it, describe it.

  3. Focus on how it feels to have the item.

  4. Let it go and forget about it.

  5. Notice signs and indications that what you put out there is coming back to you.

  6. If you are focused on not getting it or noticing the lack of it manifesting, let that go.

  7. Know that what you put out is already there.

  8. Be receptive to it coming into your life experience.

  9. Acknowledge when you received it.

This process works for all manifestations including your daily thoughts. What you think about you bring about.

If you constantly talk about something that bothers you, you are focused on that which bothers you and not doing anything to change your situation. If you want to change that, then you must determine turn what you don't want into what you do want and focus on manifesting that.

For example: Jim earns $24,000/year and he wants to be able to buy a truck but he can't afford it. One would look at Jim's finances and agree with him on that. Practically speaking Jim cannot afford to buy one. His current mentality is "I can't afford it." He needs to switch to "I have the truck I need." or "The perfect vehicle is coming." He gets impatient with how long it is taking and puts pressure on himself to get the truck but he can't seem to find the right one or make a decision and he can't get financing. But all these thoughts are preventing him from seeing that right across the street is a truck that would suit his needs and the owner is willing to let it go for very little.

Once Jim lines up with what he wants, the man across the street decides to put a for sale sign on the truck and Jim happens to see it. Now that he is open to getting the right vehicle instead of the specific one he thought he wanted, Jim is able to connect with opportunities available to him. He speaks with his neighbour and makes an offer, which is lower than asking price but surprisingly his neighbour accepts the offer because he wants an easy quick sale. Both parties are happy.

Another example: Maggie is frustrated with her husband. He never does anything around the house, he's lazy, he spends too much time watching TV and they constantly fight. She's one step away from divorce. Maggie talks to her friends constantly about how her husband doesn't do anything but she tries to make light of it by joking. She's trying to be positive but she lets little jabs out at her husband even when he tries to help out. If he takes out the garbage, she'll say, "It's the least you could do." Or if he washes the dishes, she says, "That makes a nice change." But it only seems to irritate him.

Maggie also believes that men aren't supposed to help around the house, she feels burdened by housework, like she has to "do everything around here." She tells people "men are lazy" and joins in on destructive negative conversations that feed this energy.

Once Maggie notices her negative thought patterns and cleans them up, she will see her husband react differently because she is different. Whereas before she used to focus on all the things her husband failed to do, she will notice all the things he does do around the house and she will genuinely thank him. He will feel less judgmental energy and be more willing to help around the house. She will naturally stop doing everything because she knows he will help and it gives him the opportunity to help. Before he didn't have the chance to help because she did everything.

How did Maggie clean up her thoughts? She had to stop thinking "men are lazy; my husband does nothing; I have to do everything" and start focusing on what she wanted with thoughts like "my husband loves to support our family; we are a team; we work well together." No matter what, the statements must be true. Lying to yourself does not work.

Now some would say that her husband might genuinely BE lazy, in which case she would naturally attract a husband who matches her energy. Before Maggie was a match to a lazy husband because she wanted a lazy husband to make herself feel busy and important. What she really wanted was to feel loved and supported. She first had to make that shift within her before he could be a match. Alternatively HE could change to be a match to what she wanted, but we're talking about Maggie's experience here, not his.

This ought to be enough to get you started. Try to manifest something simple that will stand out to you so you know that it is your manifestation. Play around with it, be easy with it and have fun. For more information on LOA, I find Abraham Hicks is a great resource. If you are bothered by the fact that she channels her information then you may not like her, but she does have the most valuable information on LOA that I have found.

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