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Just Build The Ark

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

The saying, “Those who know don’t speak; those who speak don’t know,” is thrown around quite casually without much thought behind its meaning. If the only ones speaking are the ones who don't know and those who know say nothing, how will anyone come to know what we need to know?

When we first discover there is something seriously off about this place, our initial impulse is to want to tell everyone what we know, only to quickly discover that not only do they not want to hear it; they cannot hear it. They will also label you crazy. So instead we find other people like us who know this world is nuts and we are eager to share what we have discovered. You will learn from them and they will learn from you until eventually, you hit a wall and realize there are still impenetrable barriers you cannot cross. You are silenced.

Perhaps it’s the Christian barrier or the NASA barrier or evolution or law of attraction, what have you; there is always eventually something you encounter that prevents you from going any further with that person and sometimes it leads to the end of the conversation or even the relationship.

Once again, you are left alone and forced to go within, forced to discover more truth on your own. Then you will come across others who are where you were years ago and perhaps you see they are heading down the wrong path so you are keen to point them in the right direction. You drop a hint or leave them with a question unanswered hoping they will go home to investigate on their own and come to the same conclusion only to discover they are still heading in the wrong direction or worse, clinging to it even more.

Eventually, you don’t say anything because you are too far down the path and it's like talking a foreign language to them.

It’s too much to explain and then they ask too many ignorant questions and you feel like you have to justify, prove or defend your position or worse, convince them to see it from your perspective just to show that it isn’t crazy. You get dragged into the wrong frequency and you feel it. It backfires and you’re rejected.

So now you’re at the stage where you feel it is pointless to speak your point of view at all because no one is listening. No one sees what you see, no one hears you. Everyone around you has their individual perspectives, some with more truth than others, some warped by old-world false beliefs, some twisted by fake conspiracy theories, and some way out in left field marred by mental disorders. The world feels like an insane asylum and all you can do is sit and watch them all trying to figure it out, arguing with one another over things that don’t matter, hoping that one day they will pop out of the forest and see it for the trees.

All you can do is wait; work on yourself and wait.

In the movie Evan Almighty, Evan was instructed by God to build an ark. At first he was in denial then he saw signs everywhere until he couldn’t deny it anymore: this was his calling. He built the ark despite losing his job, being ridiculed by society, and losing his family, but he insisted that the flood was coming. He finished the ark and shouted at the people heckling him, “Get on the ark!” and they all laughed. Then the damn broke, the flood rushing toward the heckling crowd. Finally, the people saw the truth and rushed onto the ark.

This is what we must do: build the ark until the others see the truth and come to us for help. Right now, they can’t see it and they are mocking us. The flood is coming and soon, then they will see; then they will listen.

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