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Journey Through the Lies

Whatever is was that ‘woke you up’ to the deception, no doubt it led you down what truthers and conspiracy theorists alike call the rabbit hole. 

There are so many traps, so many deceivers, so many distractions; all of it fascinating especially when we came from such a humdrum reality, we are willing and able to entertain any possibility from aliens to a computer simulation to giants and fairies. 

While it is good to keep an open mind, most of these conspiracies are yet but another level of deception to keep you distracted from the real truth.

What I have discovered in my journey through these layers of deceptions is that these gatekeepers are there for a reason: to catch those who are not ready for the real truth.  They will entertain you, distract you, persuade you, and manipulate you; ultimately keeping you from looking within.  

If you allow yourself to get caught up at any of these levels of deception, it is simply because you are not ready to look within.  Either you want to keep blaming the external for your circumstances or you are afraid of what you will find if you look at yourself and take responsibility for your part in it. 

Don’t get me wrong, it is equally important to know the external as the internal.  The key is to balance the two; knowing the external-internal relationship in order to gain mastery over it. This is a shared, co-creative reality and you can only take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, reactions and behaviour.  In many cases, we allowed others to manipulate us into making these choices because we were operating on an unconscious level.

If you do not control your mind, someone will control it for you. 

It’s challenging to accept that we are responsible for our life circumstances.  Perhaps this will ease your mind: in the past you created your life subconsciously, now you have the opportunity to create it consciously.  In other words, you didn’t know any better, and now you do. 

The journey to the ultimate truth is about discovering the truth of who you really are; it is a journey of authenticity and it cannot be done without being honest with yourself.  So the question to ask yourself is, “am I really ready for the truth no matter what it does?”

If not, this means you are willing to accept the deceptions handed to you because you are refusing to shatter the lies you tell yourself about who you think you are or what you consider to be ‘reality’. 

If you want real truth, you have to let go of ego attachments, be willing to shatter all your beliefs, and start from scratch.

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