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We left the world of deception only to be given another set of lies.

When you discover that everything you were told by the system is a lie, you are hungry for the truth and vulnerable to accepting more lies simply because it is the opposite of what the system fed you. What you don’t realize is the same people control the dissemination of the truth. Are you still falling for the lies? Here is a list of a few pointers that will help you receive the truth.

  1. Throw out everything you know and start from scratch. Many truth-seekers make the mistake of clinging to certain belief systems or indoctrination because they falsely assume that it is not tainted. Everything is tainted! Throw it all out: religion, language, math, science, medicine, geography, economy, business, etc., I mean everything! Start with what you know for a fact to be true and build on that.

  2. Always be willing to throw out what you think you know. If a new piece of information contradicts what you already know, something is not right. Be willing to let everything go no matter what it is; tie yourself to nothing. Truth is more valuable than being right.

  3. Ask for the truth no matter what it does and be receptive to it when it comes. Some truths are incredibly hard to take, which is why many people reject them. Truth is going to shatter your perception of the world; your belief systems, your sense of security; your whole life. If you want the truth, you have to be willing to accept what it will do to you and what you have done as a result of living a lie. It’s a hard pill to swallow but that is the price for autonomy.

  4. Be brave. The truth is only for the brave and those committed to the path. If you want real truth you must confront your fears, you must do the work and you must look where many fear to tread.

  5. Inner work is everything. The whole point of discovering the truth is so that you look within and evolve. The lie has kept us focused on the external and those still afraid of the truth are simply afraid to look within. You must do the inner work, which means confronting your fears, healing your wounds, forgiving yourself and others; becoming whole/holy. Truth will evade you otherwise.

  6. Ask the right questions. All is mind. When you ask it is given. You will only receive the answer to the questions you ask so be sure to ask the right questions. If you are asking for ultimate truth, you will receive it, but you must also be receptive to the answer. This is how the universe works. If you ask silly questions about trivial things, you will be caught in distraction. Look at the questions you ask.

  7. Do your own research. You cannot be lazy with the truth. Research is fundamental and if you are lazy with research, you will get what you seek. The lie is massive and its tentacles are in everything so it is a big job, but once you recognize the patterns, it gets easier. You must learn how to do proper research, go to the source of the information you seek, use logic, reason and intuition to guide you.

  8. No one can do the work for you. Truth is an individual journey because at the heart of it all, it is about you. This is a journey within and you must do the inner work, you must see the truth yourself, you must make the connections yourself and make the changes within yourself. Anyone can show you truth, but it is meaningless to you until you see it for yourself and apply it to your life.

  9. Knowledge is inner power. Once you know the truth, it is your responsibility to live it. This seems to be the key to unlocking higher levels of truth. Do not be swayed by external distractions. Keep to your path, the AU path, the yellow brick road.

  10. There are many truths, only one Truth. Some falsely believe that truth is subjective and there is no ultimate truth or that there is no truth. If everything is a lie and there is no truth then there is no deception, so what are you seeking? This kind of thinking will only hinder you and leave you swaying in the breeze with nothing solid to stand on. You will be easily misled and fall for more deception. There is what is and your perception of it.

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