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Fundamental Truth

After years of research into truth and lies, I have come to discover some fundamentals that you can use as a rule to navigate these murky waters

Almost everything is inverted

A common phrase in the truth community is “Everything we were told is a lie”, which is in essence true, however this tends to lead truth-seekers astray when discerning truth from the lies. Mainstream media lies, education lies, government lies, mainstream science lies…but within these are some truths. It is your responsibility to discern truth from lies.

All overhyped news stories are fake and involve crisis actors

Crisis actors are people who pretend to be involved in real-life dramas played out for TV. Every single news story that involves so-called victims, streeters, neighbours, members of the community, witnesses, etc., are fake drama involving crisis actors reading off a script. They are likely Freemason puppets.

The ‘controllers’ speak in code

News stories, entertainment, sports, fiction, non-fiction, anything put out by the ‘controllers’ contains coded language. If a news story contains code, it is a fake story so look to the code for the true message.

The ‘controllers’ use the clone tool

Once you start to examine the lie they fed us, you will spot patterns. They copy-paste stories in history, they tell the same stories over and over.

Fiction is fact and non-fiction is a fairytale

The ‘controllers’ put the truth in plain sight. What you thought was a made-up story such as Alice in Wonderland or Little Red Riding Hood are true stories about you and the nature of reality. Non-fiction publications and movies are fake stories they use to manipulate you into believing they are real.

Everything at the top is controlled

Anyone and everyone at a high level, in the public eye, royalty, politics, Hollywood, celebrities, CEOs, Nobel Prize winners, authors, models…are all controlled and part of the elite family network. No one is a sell-out; no one becomes famous, rich or highly successful in the public eye without being born into it.

The opposition is controlled

What you might think is independent media or a rogue agent is actually the opposite face of the same beast. The system puts forward the message and messengers they want you to hear and suppress the ones they do not want you to hear. Anyone on mainstream media regardless of what they say is controlled. Anything that goes ‘viral’ is controlled.

Agents are everywhere

Trolls, bots, agents, shills, crisis actors, fake doctors, fake victims, freemasons are everywhere even in your daily life so be aware of this.

Most things that instill fear are fake

If it’s on the news and it scares you, it’s more than likely fake. The ‘controllers’ are masters of illusion; most of what they do is a big magic trick so don’t be fooled. Look beyond the veil.

Anything 'scientific' represented by CGI or cartoon is fake

If there is no real-world representation of a scientific theory or invention or experiment, it is fake. Space, nanotechnology, satellites, satellite images, ISS, asteroids, sub-microscopic anything, Schroedinger’s Cat, Double Slit experiment just to name a few are prime examples.

The truth is in the darkness

The truth is not for the lazy nor the fearful. Remember almost everything is inverted: so good is evil and evil is good. Face the fear, face the darkness and you will find light.

All is mind

Everything is connected to the zodiac through syncretism. The bible is allegory for the mind and the universe as they are one.

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