Dark Shadows: Darkness Must Come To Light

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There are very few revelations that take me by surprise nowadays, but I have to say this was perhaps not so much surprising as it was astounding.

I am usually reluctant to watch the more obvious events on the world stage and yet I always end up learning something deeply fascinating when I do. The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial was not something I wanted to look at; I passed it off as another attention-seeking distraction: I couldn't be more wrong.

When I published my first video on this case, many people were wondering why it was so captivating to them. I suspect it was because they sensed something below the surface they could not quite put their finger on. What I found was much more than expected.

Depp's Subtle Tells

Initially, I watched Johnny Dep's testimony as he related his life story, his childhood with an abusive mother and absent father, then how he made it in Hollywood by accident, and ultimately his experiences with Amber and had a sense there was something more going on here.

Depp spoke unusually slowly, carefully choosing his words, tempering his delivery to avoid being emotional, so he came across as level-headed, intelligent, sensitive, caring, logical and compassionate. On the other hand, he also expressed how he turned to drugs and alcohol to numb himself from his demons of the past, which shows a deep darkness, sadness within him, but he didn't seem violent.

His text messages to friends and to Heard would often devolve into what he called, 'dark places'.

What caught my attention the most was the fact that he would always smile whenever he mentioned the abuse he suffered from both his mother and from Amber. It was disturbing to me because it happened every time and there was a hint of delight in it. Depp admits he deals with abuse, violence, and trauma through humour and this, combined with his apparent darkness, suggested to me there was something deeper going on.

Then there was the odd use of certain phrases that seemed to be placed in both his and Heard's testimony like winks for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, much like I described in my video on Dispatches From Elsewhere.

The more I watched their testimony, the more it seemed like these two were conscious of who they were and the roles they play on the world stage and they were indicating to us to pay attention to the clues they were dropping.

The first big indicator the public caught onto was Heard's use of lines of dialogue from popular films. It was as if they were pushing us to watch their films for answers. So I did.

Heard's Narcissism

As with all of these hoaxes and staged events, the Internet gets in on the action. There are countless lawyers livestreaming the trial with their added commentary to be sure that the average person understands what is going on. Then there are psychiatrists doing the same thing so that the viewers understand the psychology behind Amber Heard's obvious mental illness.

Amber Heard is a narcissist. Depp's forensic psychiatrist diagnosed her as borderline and histrionic, which I believe she is but often psychiatrists do not account for the narcissism in those two diagnoses.

This case is about bringing to light Amber Heard's narcissism so that the world understands what narcissists are.

Why does the world need to know about narcissists? Because the world runs on the narcissistic mind and it is dying. The only way for it to completely die is for it to be exposed and for the new mind to take over. The egoic consciousness is the narcissistic mind, Christ Consciousness is the love mind or heart-mind. By educating the masses on a personality disorder that went previously undetected, 'empaths' are weaponized with truth and will no longer feed it energy and attention, thus starving the narcissistic mind parasite that feeds this egoic system.

Team Johnny

In the course of Heard's lies coming to light, the majority of people are siding with Johnny Depp. It does seem that Depp is the victim here. He's victim to narcissistic abuse, lies, physical abuse, torment, public humiliation and defamation of character, he lost his role as Jack Sparrow, lost other jobs resulting in an estimated $40 million in earnings, and he lost a bit of his soul as he is not as he once was.

Amber, on the other hand was subject to Depp's lateness, his nasty language used in texts and retaliation against her abusive tactics. There are hours upon hours of audio recordings proving Amber's inability to reason or recall events accurately, her bullying, taunting, belittling, shaming, abuse and more. There are even YouTubers who have deconstructed her previous testimony with evidence to prove her stories are complete fabrications. How convenient.

There is, however something more to the story that helps to explain why he stayed, why he was drawn to Amber when he was still with the love of his life Vanessa Paradis, why he let her ruin him, and why this court case had to happen.

Darkness is Not Evil

It was seeing Depp's darkness that led me to watch his films because he often plays characters with darkness and sadness. When I say 'darkness' this does not mean 'evil', it refers to his shadows, the ghosts that haunt him; it has more to do with the violence he witnessed and experienced as a child and buried deep within him, left unresolved.

This can manifest as shame, fear, self-loathing, depression, sadness, grief, disappointment, hurt, pain, suffering or the like. How he chose to deal with it involved self-medicating with alcohol and drugs, dark humour, and probably burying himself in his work, but also he dealt with it through his love relationships.

Dark Shadows

The film I came to watch first was 'Dark Shadows'. I'm not one for vampire stories nor am I a fan of Tim Burton films, but I actually did enjoy this movie. It is a tragic love story of a man named Barnabas Collins who made the mistake of being honest about his feelings for the girl he was seeing, Angelique. She wanted him to tell her he loved her but he would not lie to her and so she cast a spell on him and his family resulting in the death of his parents. Barnabas turned to dark magic and ended up meeting his 'one true love' in a young woman named Josette. Unfortunately, Angelique sees them together and she cast another spell on Josette sending her to her death and turning Barnabas into a vampire.

What does the story in Dark Shadows have to do with Johnny Depp? Everything.

I had a suspicion that movies were retelling stories of our lives and reflecting them back to us and this proved it. There are films and TV shows that will show exact replicas of periods of your life. They will appear much like a movie remake updated to modern times. Dark Shadows is very similar to the movie Dracula, in which Winona Ryder appeared with Gary Oldman playing her love interest and a vampire. Depp who played the vampire in Dark Shadows refers to himself as an 'old man' and he dated Ryder in real life. This is no coincidence.

As the film unfolds the parallels to Depp's life are uncanny. The story, the characters, personalities, dialogue, descriptions, events are all identical to what Depp relates in his testimony. You will have to refer to my material on this to understand what I'm referring to, but when I saw how his life was paralleled in this film, another level of truth had been revealed to me.

Depp's life story is very tragic and one many can relate to as it is a classic tale of the darkness chasing the light. Whether you care for Johnny Depp or not, this is his moment to shed light on his darkness and finally be free of the ghosts that haunt him.

Watch the video comparison between the movie Dark Shadows and the trial testimony to see for yourself how the two compare. Be sure to download the audio and e-book companions to get the full story. I hope you see what I see. Enjoy.

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