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9 Levels of Truth: Which One Are You On?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Are you still caught in the lies? When searching for Truth you are immediately pulled into the world of alternative media. People like Alex Jones, David Icke, Max Igan rest at the top of the pile of deceivers. These people all have a massive following who become incredibly loyal simply because they are grateful to them for showing them the Truth - so it seems. But really, they have simply handed you more lies. Did you fall for it?

It's fine if you did, but know that this is not the bottom of the rabbit hole. There are many, many more layers to dig through and most people do not have the time, inclination, perseverance, dedication, interest, need, or desire to dig any deeper. They simply accept everything that is handed to them yet again. This is how we got into this trouble in the first place.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to breeze past all these deceivers and put the puzzle pieces together yourself. Not as easy as it seems. First you must be able to detect and accept that you have been lied to AGAIN!

But honestly, you should have learned your lesson the first time. The moment you realized everything you were taught was a lie, you should have tossed it all out and started from scratch. Did you do that? Then you find the thing you absolutely KNOW for certain. Can you prove it? Does it hold up to being torn down and rebuilt? If not, toss it out too.

Then build on that solid foundation. Every new piece of information must be tested, torn apart, scrutinized and it must fit the rest of the puzzle. If it doesn't fit, set it aside or toss it. There will be times when you encounter a piece of information that you find too unbelievable or it contradicts one of your dearly held beliefs you have refused to relinquish and so simply set it aside and return to it every now and then to test it. If it nags at you, there is something there.

These gatekeepers, such as Icke and Igan are put in place for many reasons, the first of which is to put truth in plain sight but also to guard against those who are not worthy from passing through the gate. If you are caught at this level, you have a choice: either stay here or progress. But in order to progress you must be willing to confront some painful truths and do a great deal of work. If you are not willing, you will not pass.

Truth is EARNED. You will only receive truth you are ready for. If you have not done the work, you will not progress.

When I read comments or watch videos of other truth-seekers, I can tell where they are on their journey. I can spot precisely what block they hold that prevents them from seeing the truth. I can tell them what it is, but it is up to the individual to release it. If that person has made it part of their identity, for example they state things such as "I am Mandela Effected" or "I am a Christian" they will have a harder time letting it go. You must have no attachments, be willing to let everything go. You are not any of these things and by saying you are you limit yourself to its boundaries.

There are several levels to uncovering truth none of which are wrong; they are merely an indication of your progress. Once you identify where you are, you know where you have to go. When you're caught up in research, it's impossible to see how far you have to go or even which direction to go. Hopefully this helps provide some guidance.

  1. Living the lie - you believe everything you were taught by the system and have no idea there's a deception. Anyone who dabbles in watching conspiracy content for fun or to ridicule people falls into this camp.

  2. Head in the Sand - you are aware there's a problem with the world and have discovered some truths but are too entangled in the matrix life to devote yourself to truth.

  3. Surface Walker - you're aware there's something strange about this place and have found the top of the pile deceivers but most conspiracies and flat earth is way too out there for you.

  4. Flat Earther - you know the earth is flat but you're focused on proving it to others and are caught in the playground the Potato Factory Patty Steere and Mark Sargent have set up. You may have also been lured into the Christianity trap. You're primarily focused on the material world and do not do any inner work.

  5. Conspiracy obsessed - you know there's more and you will not stop until you know who is behind this, why they lied and what you need to do to exit out. You have dived deep into every rabbit hole, consume every piece of research you can get your hands on.

  6. Wrong Turn - you believed everything the shills told you and failed to do your own research. Your research consists of watching a handful of shill YT channels that repeat the same info but do not go outside of that to check for yourself if what they say is true.

  7. Inner Wisdom - you've got a handle on the scope of the deception and know that most of it is a distraction from going within. You apply what you have learned to your life and truth is everything to you.

  8. Knocking on the Door - you have a wealth of knowledge and have been doing inner work however the real truth eludes you because you still cling to system-installed beliefs, disinfo or haven't gone past your fears.

  9. Master - you have done the inner work, you pushed past your fear and see the control system at work, you're more concerned with your development and maintaining your energy. You don't get caught up in the duality puppet show and you are working to clear yourself of fear in order to manifest the life/world you want.

There is some overlap between levels and it is possible to skip certain aspects (such as falling for the shill lies) or start at inner work then go back to flat earth or conspiracy truth, but regardless of the order in which you make these discoveries, you must have all the pieces or you will be stuck at knocking on the door. Many people have found inner wisdom but they are still blocked by matrix beliefs such as the globe and that deception will colour your perspective and prevent you from finding real truth.

These levels are merely a guide for you to see where you are in terms of your progress. Do not fool yourself into believing you are further along than you are; you do not do yourself any favours by lying to yourself. Self-deception is an indication that you have not done the inner work as it is all about being honest with yourself.

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