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20 Deceptions Holding You Back From Truth

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Everything is mind. Once you know this, you should know too that the only thing holding you back from truth is in your mind. The biggest mistake truthers make in their search is clinging to beliefs that are part of the old mind.

The beast system is a mind spell. Your job is to break the spell, shatter the mirror so that it no longer has any power over you. But if you cling to beliefs of the old mind system, the real truth will elude you. Here are some of the beliefs that will hold you back.

  1. Religion. Any religious beliefs are traps to keep you in the material world. If you are Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Catholic, New Age, what have you, they are all traps. Most of them hinge on an external power or saviour to free you from this prison but the only one who can save you is you. Drop any religion and religious beliefs to free your mind.

  2. Belief in a literal historical Jesus, Satan or Lucifer. They do not exist; they represent different states of mind. You might think it doesn't matter if you believe these were real beings, but it does because you are still handing your power over to the external. When you are in the lower state of mind, you are focused on survival, hell, material things; this is Satan. When you are in the higher state of mind you are focused on divine things, heaven; this is Lucifer. When you are focused on love, this is Jesus.

  3. Authority outside you. Fearing the wrath of an external authority figure is a trap. You are the author of your life, put your power in yourself.

  4. Fear. If you allow others to control what you research, say or how you live through fear you are preventing yourself from finding truth. The truth is protected by fear and you must go beyond that to find real truth. If you are caught in the 'satanic' or 'luciferian' trap you will be left behind.

  5. Globe earth. If you do not yet know that the earth is flat, this will significantly hold you back. Flat earth is key to shattering the mind spell and if you haven't broken this, you will not see truth. You can't just entertain the idea of it; you must KNOW the earth is flat.

  6. The truther community doesn't have deceivers. If you are caught up in the deceptions of the shills you will not find real truth. They will keep you looking outside yourself, keep you spinning your wheels on useless falsities that lead nowhere. Once you shatter their lies, a whole new level opens up to you.

  7. Words and numbers are meaningless. If you do not yet know that there are agents and shills everywhere speaking in code and the 'controllers' put truth in plain sight using code, you must learn etymology. Numerology and gematria are real, but only as it stems from the zodiac.

  8. Outer space. Once you know flat earth, you know outer space is not real. Planets are not rocks, there are no 'aliens', no asteroids, and the moon is merely a light. These are massive deceptions they use to keep you in fear and chaos, but also to keep you from knowing the true power of astrology.

  9. Media, celebs, politicians are 'normal' people. Anyone in the media is part of the play. This includes people on YouTube and social media celebs. No one gets to the top without being part of the show. Stop idolizing these people and pay attention to what they are showing you; some are deceivers, some show you truth.

  10. Politics is real and Trump will save us. If you believe there is any truth to politics you are wrong. Deep State and Q are red herrings and Trump is a puppet like all the rest. JFK was not a good guy trying to expose the Illuminati - they are ALL part of the show!

  11. Whistleblowers are helping us. Do you really think someone who blows the whistle on politics, royalty, illuminati, celebrities, companies, CIA etc., would be around to tell the tale? Snowden would be dead before he opened his mouth. They are all fake.

  12. There is no truth here. This is false. If there is no truth then there is no lie so what are you searching for? Don't fall for these nihilistic traps.

  13. Parallel timelines, time travel, Mandela effect etc.. These are traps to get you to believe that the only thing that matters is your perception because your perception is reality; this is false. There is an external shared reality and your personal experience of it is from your perspective. There is what is and your perception of it.

  14. Money is good. Money is the enslavement tool. The 'controllers' have used it to monetize everything so that you have to work to live here and it keeps you focused on the material. Blockchain can be further enslavement. Use money as a tool or it will use you. Be free of your finances to gain financial freedom.

  15. Lack mentality. If you are focused on what is instead of what could be, focused on what you lack instead of abundance, you're trapped in lack mentality, which is also victim mentality. You must move past this state to get creative and manifest your own experience.

  16. Words hold no power. You need to know that all is mind, thoughts become things and words cast spells. If you do not know that your words hold power and they create your reality, you will be stuck in the reality you created for yourself and never progress. Listen to the words you speak and see how they manifest in your experience.

  17. I can believe X but Y is too out there for me. Open your mind to possibility because truth is stranger than fiction. The moment you close your mind to something because you are afraid of being labeled as 'crazy', you limit your access to truth. Entertain an idea without holding it to be true until you prove it to be true.

  18. Question everything. Some use this as an excuse not to do their own research. Some use it to automatically reject new concepts, ideas or thoughts that do not match their currently held set of beliefs. Question for the purpose of getting an answer, not for the purpose of dismissing the information. Information cannot hurt you; how you absorb that information can.

  19. Turn off your TV. Don't turn off the TV, learn how to read through the programming and you not only break the spell, but you can figure out the truth of what they are trying to tell you in plain sight. Yes, TV programs the minds of those who are not aware, but there is plenty of truth in the media, Hollywood, music, etc., but if you are not at the level yet where you can decode it, then you might want to take a break.

  20. I know that already. Knowing something is not enough; do you live it? Have you applied truth to your life? If not, then you do not know it.

There are many more blocks but these are the major ones and even these could be broken down into sub-blocks. Overall, however, it is nothing but your thinking that prevents you from seeing the truth.

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