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This place is simultaneously real and not real.  Nothing is solid; it is energy, frequency and vibration.  We live in a realm formed by dielectric-magnetic energy creating an electric rainbow realm. 

The physical world is projected outward from the centre/core/tree of life/toroid of the hyperbola or the two bulls/bi-bull.  We are on the flat plane of inertia.

The world is a stage, earth = theatre and we each have our role to play.  We come from the stars, as the precise position of the stars at our time and place of birth determines our DNA/Adam/light body.  DNA = numbers

Night is the nucleus or EVEning, it is the CORE of who we really are; no-thing/source/zero.  We are here for one song, a uni-verse, verse/eve or one night. 

This is the realm of duality. As we were created, we split; the physical separated from the spiritual, adam split from eve, heaven split from earth.  We are mirror images of source fractalized into infinitely smaller pieces of source as source seeks to re-member who it is. 

|Universe/you inverse/you in verse.

Our journey is to become whole/holy, to reunite heaven and earth, adam and eve, day and night, yin and yang, black and white; the alchemical marriage of turning lead into gold or marriage of black (groom) and white (bride) (although black is feminine and white is masculine).

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