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All is mind.  We have lived a lie and look at the mess we made.  We have been led to believe that this physical reality is not only real, but all there is.  Because we did not think for ourselves, we blindly accepted what authority figures told us and we have committed all sorts of heinous crimes. 

|Surely it is not our fault as we were under mind control.

When we first realize the truth, our initial impulse is to blame others, which absolves us of responsibility, but the truth is no one made those decisions but you.  You are the one who must accept responsibility for your actions and choices and forgive yourself.  Once you see this, you break the spell.


This is where most truth-seekers turn blind.  They won’t look within or take responsibility because they are afraid of what they will see.  We have spent our lives hiding from the truth; covering up our pain, feelings, hurts, and darkness but now we must expose it to the light.

Hermeticism dictates that there are 7 principles on which the universe operates.  All is mind is the first.  There is what is and our perception of it.  


|Thoughts become things, our perception creates our individual reality. 

You can live in a complete delusion if you choose, your mind is that powerful.  If you want the truth, you have to prepare your mind to receive it by freeing it of limitations.  Limitations consist of such things as beliefs, opinions, assumptions, programming, education, indoctrination, etc..  You have to be willing to let it all go. 

|Anything you cling to will control you.

We cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.  Our mind created this world and in order to create a new world, we must create a new mind.  Shedding all the programming of the past will free you to create the kind of world you want to live in.

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