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Everything is coded.  This is a dream world and dreams are made of symbols.  English is Angel-ish and we must learn to speak Angel by decoding its true meaning. 

| This is a sonoluminescent reality created from sound/music and numbers/DNA. 

“And God said let there be light, and there was light” sound created light.  On awakening to the illusion, we become lucid and can learn to read the symbols.  These symbols are teaching you about you and the nature of this reality.

| Universe = you inverse

Everything in the physical realm is inverted because it is the mirror image (mirror mirror) of who you really are (eve).  It is the reflection of heaven on earth.  We must reunite/re-member/merge/connect the two by becoming whole/holy like the sun.

Symbols all stem from the torus, zodiac and the sun.  You are Jesus on your journey home, Dorothy in the Land of Oz (on the Oxyz axis of the 3-D matrix), Alice in Wonderland.  There’s no place like home.  The power is in your shoes/sole/soul – within you.  This is all a dream, which is why people call for you to ‘wake up!’ and why Alice and Dorothy both wake up from the dream in a tree/toree/torus/ toroid/tree of life/tornado/vortex.

The key to cracking the code is knowing that everything is in the zodiac, torus, sun, moon system.  These tools will help you interpret the codes:

  • Etymology

    • Shows you the true meaning of the words.

  • Hebrew & Greek

    • Each letter holds meaning as an entity in itself.  Each letter is connected to a number and originates from the zodiac.

  • Numerology & Gematria

    • Numbers are entities and also hold meaning.  Gematria and numerology help you to find the hidden numbers behind the letters and words so you can discover their true meaning.

  • Alchemy

    • Symbols derived from the zodiac signs create letters, numbers, music, chakras, colours as we live in the 7-colour rainbow realm created by the splitting of the light through the prism; Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.

Once you understand Angel, you can decipher the messages and get to the truth. 

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