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Nov 30, 2023 - Dec 25, 2023

Vlogmas 2023

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Welcome to vlogmas 2023! This year I have a special treat planned for you all. It’s like an advent calendar of ascension. This vlogmas is an interactive series that gets you to engage with my videos so you better understand my message and helps to guide you along the middle pillar path so you can climb the Christmas tree. So join us now and starting November 30/December 1, you will be part of an exclusive experience that should help you see beyond the physical, learn more about yourself and the true nature of this reality. Every day, I share a vlogmas video about my journey and in it I will mention a video of mine to watch. Members will be given a quiz that is designed to help you reflect on where you are in your own ascension journey so you can identify areas in which perhaps you would like to have greater awareness or open up to new perspectives. Every morning I will hop on live to say hello, to discuss the vlog and answer any questions you have regarding the previous day’s pod. Posts will happen at 9AM EST every day until Christmas Day.

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Vlogmas 2023 Contributing Members

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