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I chose the name TrueL0ve for this site as, for me, it means getting to the truth through finding love by going within.  The zero in L0ve represents Source, the origin of all things, silence, no-thing.  Love equates to zero as it does in tennis, a game symbolizing Earth, the battle ground between two sides, yin/yang over a net, the play net/planet earth.  The two sides are red and blue or black and white of polarity in this realm of duality. 

I started TrueLove as a YouTube channel in 2017 after discovering that everything we were told about this realm is a lie.  Knowing the truth was traumatizing and the worst part of it was the feeling of isolation.  With no one to talk to, I started talking to anyone who would listen through my YouTube channel.

When creating my videos I hold the intent that I will share the truth of my experiences and knowledge no matter what.  I have shared my vulnerable moments as well as my empowered ones, I have confronted agents and shills, suffered attacks from trolls and flying monkeys as I went against the grain.  I am going through this experience just like anyone else, but I know now is the time for me to help others who are coming into the truth.

My life has been dedicated to truth before I even knew it was.  All my life I knew something wasn’t right about this world.  I never quite fit in and was always fighting the system.  Now I know why.  Through daily practice I learned mindfulness from Eckhart Tolle, NLP from Tony Robbins and Kain Ramsay, Law of Attraction from Abraham Hicks and Napoleon Hill, and the Tao from Wayne Dyer, I learned how the universe works and how it responds to my thoughts so that I can rule over it; it does not rule over me: god vs dog.

I created this website as a gathering place for those of us who are after the real truth and are not afraid to receive it, for those who want to cut to the chase and know the important truths and how to apply it to your life. 

Many of you have perhaps come across hard-hitting truths only to be led down dead-end rabbit holes that sucked hours/days/months/years of your life and offered no solutions.  The truth, like everything in this realm is controlled and I have encountered many people who have been researching the ‘truth’ for decades but are barely scratching the surface, caught up in useless conspiracy theories that are mere distractions only offering more lies.

Having gone through the experience, I know the various stages of grief and how to navigate through them.  I know the traps set by planted agents/shills serving the ones who rule this place.  I learned the narcissistic mind of the beast system and can spot those who are connected to its hive mind.  It took me over three and a half years of non-stop daily research to navigate through the endless distractions to get to the truth, but we are running short on time.  So I created as a place for truthers to avoid these pitfalls as much as possible.

Having said that, I do not claim to know everything; no one does.  I encourage you to do your own research and never take anything anyone says at face value.  Your best resource is you; go within as every answer to every question is there.  However, we are all at different levels of under/inner/ overstanding and some truths cannot be digested/will not resonate until certain blocks are removed.  If you are holding onto any programming, fears, indoctrinations, biases, opinions, beliefs etc. they will prevent you from seeing the truth.  You must be willing to let it all go.

All is mind.  There is only one solution for real change and that is to change your mind; you need to control your mind or 'they' will control it for you.  That means you must do the inner work so you become whole/holy and no one can shake you. 

This is it; this is the leavening and there is no time for distractions.  If you are after the truth and ready to receive it no matter what it does, no matter what illusions it shatters for you, then you are in the right place.  Tap into your true power by connecting to the whole of who you really are and shatter the illusion of the physical plane.  Find your truel0ve.


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